ECigIntelligence online tutorial makes sense of UK advertising law

ECigIntelligence has launched a series of professional e-learning courses about key developments in the e-cigarette sector. The first online tutorial is about e-cigarette advertising in the UK following the implementation of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and is intended for companies involved in marketing or selling e-cigarette products.

“This is just the first in a regular series of e-learning packages which draw upon the data and expertise amassed by ECigIntelligence’s analysts and journalists – by far the biggest dedicated team covering the sector,” says editorial director Barnaby Page.

The first e-learning course looks at e-cig advertising regulation in Europe following the transposition of the TPD at national level. It considers what the directive means for advertising in different media channels, such as TV, radio and the written press.

The package focuses on the UK, giving details about the channels through which e-cigs can be promoted and advertised legally,  advertising in shops, and the restrictions imposed by UK law.

The tutorial finishes with a recap section, with a quick summary and a final test with eight questions about what has been studied.

“While our reports and news coverage provide exhaustive in-depth detail, these e-learning packages offer a quick, accessible overview of key topics for people new to the industry, or dealing with a specific sector or field of responsibility for the first time. So e-learning with ECigIntelligence will be as potentially useful to the CEO as to the intern”, adds Page.

E-learning will be available as part of ECigIntelligence Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum subscriptions, although other ways to offer the service are in the process of being developed.

– ECigIntelligence staff

Benefits of subscription plans:

  • Stay informed of any legal and market change in the sector that impacts your organization
  • Maximise resources by getting market and legal data analysis daily in one place
  • Make smart decisions by understanding how the regulatory and market landscape evolves
  • Anticipate risks in your decisions by monitoring regulatory changes that impact your organization