Marketing & retailing

This section encompasses all our news stories, both regulatory and business, that relate specifically to marketing and retailing. A few examples of what you can find are rates of sale, banning of sale and individual company movements. It also includes content about new retail opportunities for e-cigs and related products.

How every picture can tell a story

Written by ECigIntelligence || 17th September 2018 || Marketing & retailing |

During the course of the detailed research that goes into both ECigIntelligence’s Market Reports and Regulatory Reports, a lot of images are gathered and collected — and not all of them can make it into the relevant published...

New Blu campaign planned for UK

Written by ECigIntelligence || 12th June 2018 || Marketing & retailing |

Blu are getting ready to launch a new advertising campaign in the United Kingdom, possibly featuring feature pop-up stores, brand ambassadors, sampling teams and outdoor advertising ...