France: the e-cigarette market, September 2023

The vaping market in France is on a continuous rise and is expected to keep growing despite the looming ban on disposables.

The tobacco industry faced a decrease in 2022, primarily driven by sales lost to the illicit market and shifting consumer preferences to tobacco alternatives.

The market is led by open systems, with growing interest in easy-to-use low-priced options.

This report offers a detailed overview of the French vape market, covering everything from market size and vaping population to e-liquids and hardware.

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Smoking rates
  3. Vape market
  4. Market size and vaping population
  5. Retail channels
  6. Online channel
  7. Tobacconists
  8. Hardware
  9. E-liquid
  10. Pricing and affordability
  11. Nicotine pouches as a new alternative to tobacco

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