Northwest Territories

Are you a decision-maker within the e-cigarette or tobacco-alternative sector investigating the market to make outstanding and trustworthy decisions for your business? We understand how challenging and fast-moving the e-cigarette sector can be.

This online tool offers you access to the latest regulatory and market developments that could have an impact on your business in Northwest Territories. You will minimise time, resources and risks. The subjects you will be informed about relate to consumers, COVID-19, FDA, Flavours, Health, Major brands, pricing data, retail, tax

Business briefing
Industry news and updates with a focus on companies and businesses in the sector
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Regulatory briefing
Global legal and regulatory news and updates from the vape industry
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Market reports
Detailed full-length reports including data and analysis of numerous vaping markets around the world
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Regulatory reports
Thorough reports providing legal and regulatory analysis of different countries and sections of the e-cigarette industry
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Pricing trackers
Online e-cig pricing guides for numerous markets around the world, updated twice a year and provided in database format
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Regulatory trackers
Up-to-date information about current regulations around the world, presented in user-friendly maps and Excel spreadsheets
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Brands trackers
Our online price benchmarking project, analysing multi-brand retail websites in selected vape markets
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Flavour & nicotine trackers
Analytical insights of the most significant vaping flavours and nicotine strengths
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User-friendly databases with key global analysis, statistics, directories and more
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Analysis of critical issues and trending industry topics are explored in our blog
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Charts and infographics
A brief highlight of what can be found in our full-length e-cigarette market reports
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