ECigIntelligence US Vape Store Survey 2019 Main Findings


  • US Vape Store Survey: Respondent Profile
  • Flavours: Important to vape stores?
  • House brands: Important to vape stores?
  • Vape stores: Intention to file PMTA
  • E-liquid manufacturers: Intention to file PMTA
  • Intention to file PMTA: Type of store
  • Intention to file PMTA: Geography
  • Intention to file PMTA: Affected by new timetable?
  • How you expect the PMTA process to impact your business?
  • How you expect the PMTA process to impact your business?
  • What do you intend to do after May 2020?
  • Vape stores: Future plans
  • Vape stores: Interest in related products
  • Attitude: Outlook of the industry 2015-2019


Following the FDA bringing forward the PMTA deadline, ECigIntelligence ran a survey of US vape stores, exploring the sector’s initial reactions to the news. The results of the survey were also presented by ECigIntelligence’s managing director, Tim Phillips, at the fourth annual conference of the Vapor Technology Association in September 2019.

Published: 5th November 2019; No. pages: 15

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