Regulatory report: rules, regulations and restrictions in Illinois state



1 Executive summary
2 Regulatory landscape
3 State regulatory framework
4 Age restrictions
5 Product restrictions
6 Labelling and packaging
7 Notification, testing and licensing requirements
8 Retail channels restriction
9 Public usage
10 Advertising and marketing
11 Taxation
12 Enforcement
13 Case law
14 Relevant laws
15 Relevant bodies


The vaping industry in the US is moving quickly, even more so following the vape-related lung illnesses that burst onto the scene last year. In addition to what is going on at a federal level, individual states are implementing their own laws, with further differentiation taking place at county and city level. This regulatory report provides a detailed overview of the US state of Illinois, covering all aspects of regulation including labelling and packaging, public usage, taxation and enforcement, plus more. In addition to this, we also cover the same restrictions for Cook County and the city of Chicago.

No. of pages: 18

Photo: David Mark