Spain market report: recovery is under way and likely to go further


  • Executive summary
  • Market size
  • Smoking population
  • Risk perception
  • Vaping population
  • Form factors
  • Retail channels
  • Online retailers
  • E-liquids
  • Hardware
  • Heated tobacco
  • Pricing
  • Associations


The Spanish e-cigarette market is recovering and now growing following the market boom-and-bust in 2013, but it is still far from other big European countries. This in-depth market report, based on our extensive in-house research and methodology, will provide you with an estimated market size up to 2021, vaping population analysis, consumer perceptions, popular devices and e-liquids and retail channels. This report also allows you to explore key analysis of the top 20 online retailers, including customer visits, online traffic, brand analysis, pricing and heated tobacco.

Published: 3rd July 2019; Number of pages: 17