Premium reports Vaping regulation in Indonesia

Vaping regulation in Indonesia


The e-cigarette landscape in Indonesia is likely to experience some significant changes as the National Standardisation Agency of Indonesia (BSN) is going to announce new national standards for e-liquids soon, providing clarity for these currently unregulated products. However, the precise timeline for these changes remains unclear

This report outlines the current rules that apply to vapour products in Indonesia, and considers how they may change, including regional or local laws.

Date: 25th January 2022

No. pages: 15




1 Executive summary
2 Outlook
3 Indonesia: the basics
4 National regulatory framework
5 Age restrictions
6 Product restrictions
7 Labelling and packaging restrictions
8 Obligation to notify
9 Retail channel restrictions
10 Public usage
11 Advertising and marketing
12 Taxation
13 Relevant laws
14 Relevant bodies