Sweden restricts sale and use of high-nicotine e-liquids

E-liquids with nicotine concentration over 17 mg/ml are now subject to a de facto ban in Sweden.

Although they are not illegal, permits are required for their sale and use, as a recently-published ECigIntelligence report reveals.

And “it seems unlikely that individual consumers would be able to acquire a permit for personal use”, the report says.

The unusual situation arises because nicotine of that concentration is classified under European regulations as being in toxicity category 3.

That classification then triggers a requirement for permits under Swedish domestic law.

“The reasons for these national rules for consumers is to limit the use of very dangerous chemical products in our homes in order to avoid accidents, especially among children. There have been incidents with e-liquids and children involved in the last few years,” a spokesperson for the Swedish Chemicals Agency told ECigIntelligence.

– ECigIntelligence staff

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