Juul vs J Well – e-cig manufacturers prepare for patents battle

US e-cigarette maker Juul Labs is stepping up its legal crusade to protect its patents in the UK and US.

Juul has filed a suit at the UK’s High Court claiming its line of UK patents was infringed by French firm J Well – which told ECigIntelligence it was prepared to fight the allegation.

J Well CEO Olivier Sarfati told ECigIntelligence: “J Well was very surprised by the claims of Juul. For now, there is no trial and no ruling issued by any court around the world ascertaining the patent infringement. At this stage, there are only claims and allegations of infringement from Juul, but nothing more.

“As a result, without a final judgement, nobody can say with certainty that there is a patent infringement. Please be sure that J Well is going to take all the necessary steps to defend its rights against Juul.”


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