Customised analysis

We respond to your particular needs

ECigIntelligence uses its expertise in the e-cigarette sector to provide tailored research programmes or specific analysis for our clients.

Why us?

  • We offer an independent and unbiased approach.
  • We are specialists in the e-cigarette and tobacco-alternatives sectors.
  • We can get access to key sources of information.
  • We provide the data and resources required to navigate through whatever challenges our clients face.
  • We can generate a cost-effective tailored solution.

Other examples of customised research include:

  • Data modelling or due diligence to assist with the valuation analysis for a proposed acquisition.
  • Support for lobbying or positioning as part of a public policy strategy.
  • Tracking of the policy and legislative development for e-cigarettes in a jurisdiction which forms part of your market-entry strategy.
  • And much more…