Author: Aidan Semmens

An unwanted faceful of secondhand vapour meant a dash to hospital

Written by Aidan Semmens || 19th January 2020 || Blogs |

While feelings run high on both sides of the great debate over e-cigarette flavours, has one vital – potentially even life-threatening – factor been largely overlooked? My sister was recently rushed to hospital after being “vaped over” (her...

What have LGBTQ youngsters in particular got against vaping?

Written by Aidan Semmens || 17th January 2020 || Blogs |

How harmful is vaping to the user’s health? While the global scientific jury is still very much out on that one – and, face it, e-cigarettes haven’t been around long enough for anyone to know for certain what...

Are e-cigs really more dangerous to kids than guns or combustibles?

Written by Aidan Semmens || 16th January 2020 || Blogs |

A story published by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (“in partnership with The Daily Mail”, so investigative credentials already perhaps a little tarnished) purports to expose a “loophole” in UK advertising rules that “lets Juul advertise to children...