Market reports

Our comprehensive full-length market reports provide detailed data and analysis of numerous markets around the world, on every continent. Here you will find consumer surveys as well as reports specifically on TPD notification or retail, as an example. In addition, this section includes market snapshots, a PDF infographic with key market data consolidated. Understand the various factors that impact your business with our in-depth market analysis reports.

In depth: who leads the U.S. online rankings for e-cigs?

Written by David Attwood || 10th July 2014 || Market reports |

North America
United States
Market Research
Marketing and Retailing
Market reports
V2 clear leader in online visitors • Wide range of e-liquid prices • Disposables: average prices vary less • Rechargeables: again, a narrow price...

In depth: medical licensing in Europe: big rewards, but a long road

Written by Marc Beishon || 31st March 2014 || Market reports |

United Kingdom
Policy and Politics
Regulation and Legislation
Market reports
The vote in the European Parliament that passed the revamped Tobacco Products Directive will have some e-cigarette manufacturers contemplating the costly and often lengthy process of medicines licensing, in order to compete with larger firms able to afford...