E-cigarettes in Italy

Despite initial declines following tighter regulations, with the easing of some regulatory burdens the Italian market continues to grow and develop. This page provides all of our material relating to Italy and its vaping market. This includes all of our full-length Italian market and regulatory reports, our extensive news coverage – both business and regulatory – our numerous trackers and databases, as well as our live alerts.

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Vaping landscape in Italy

Italy is estimated to be one of Europe’s largest e-cig markets after France and the UK.

In May 2016 the regulations implemented by the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into force. Under it, manufacturers and importers must notify any product they intend to introduce into the market six months prior to its launching.

Overall, the Italian government’s approach was relatively lenient, imposing only the minimum restrictions required by the directive.

Traditionally, Italy has had one of the most stringent (and continuously changing) regulatory frameworks for vapour products in Europe. It imposed regulation on e-cigarettes well before the TPD became law, being an early adopter of taxes on e-cig products.