What’s in a brand? How to stand out as more than just flavour of the month

In the average vape store, faced with a wall of identical-looking e-liquid bottles and indistinguishable flavours, it is easy to see how one brand can get lost. In order to thrive in such a crowded and competitive market, companies must identify a target audience, stick to a single message, and choose flavours that work distinctively within an overall brand identity.

Fraser Cropper, managing director of UK-based e-cigarette and e-liquid retailer Totally Wicked, told ECigIntelligence: “Companies have got to make sure their product stands out amongst other competing products the consumer sees on shelves in any vaping store. That’s why they’re searching for this edge, this thing that exclaims their product louder than somebody else’s.”

Doing that starts by understanding what the brand represents.


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