ECigIntelligence benchmarks an ever more complex world for you

The vapour retail scene is growing ever more complex around the world, new research from ECigIntelligence reveals.

In nearly all categories, the sheer number of products and brands sold by the leading online retailers has consistently gone up every quarter over the last year globally.

In many territories there has been a huge increase in the number of pod products available, with the total even doubling during the year. In others such as Russia and Germany, however, pods have made much less impact.

E-liquid formats have also been undergoing change. For example, the largest and smallest bottle sizes – for freebase and nicotine salt liquids respectively – are seemingly becoming more popular with US retailers at the expense of medium-sized products. In Europe, meanwhile, the trend has been towards larger bottles, thanks to the popularity of short-fill.

At the same time, pricing has come under pressure in most categories, though vendors of some products – for example, nicotine salts in the US, and advanced tank devices – have managed to maintain their price levels.


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    Our findings come from a new ECigIntelligence data service, the brands tracker, which tracks pricing and other retail information across the top websites in seven major e-cigarette markets – the US, the UK, Russia, Germany, France, Canada and Italy.

    The data provided to subscribers as part of this long-term price benchmarking project includes average, minimum and maximum e-liquid prices in different bottle formats; the availability of different bottle sizes; and identification of major brands.

    For hardware, the pricing data is broken down by product type (for example prefilled pods, basic starter kits, and advanced starter kits).

    ECigIntelligence is also amassing data on numerous other aspects of retail, including mods and tanks, which may be added to the service in the future.

    A visual dashboard shows pricing evolution of different product categories across quarters and years. Cleaned and categorised raw data is also available to enable readers to conduct their own benchmarking at the level of individual brands and services.

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    This article was written by one of ECigIntelligence’s international correspondents. We currently employ more than 40 reporters around the world to cover individual vaping markets. For a full list, please see our Who We Are page.

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