French tobacconists increasing their range of vapour products

More tobacconists in France are increasing their range of vape products, as anticipated in earlier analysis by ECigIntelligence.

Our June 2018 report on e-cig and IQOS sales via tobacconists in France predicted that the distribution of vapour products through tobacconists would increase, in response to a diversification strategy focused on the sale of other tobacco-related products. The strategy was launched by the French tobacconists association at the start of 2018, in response to a planned increase in tobacco tax.

In February 2018, the Ministry of Public Accounts signed an agreement with the national tobacconists association (Confédération des Buralistes de France) to help tobacconists depend less on tobacco product sales, as falling sales drove down the number of tobacco shops from 32,000 in 2002 to 24,500. A budget of €100m was allocated to invest in material, equipment and works to diversify their activities into the promotion and sale of other tobacco-related products, such as e-cigs and e-liquids.

Our most recent report on French tobacconists measures distributors’ current e-cig product offer to tobacconists against their 2017 offer, before the diversification strategy was announced.

Tobacconists procure vape products from just a few sources: directly from the agency network of Big Tobacco companies, e-liquid manufacturers, exclusive vape-product distributors, and general tobacconist distributors.


Discreet presence

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    Though many e-liquid manufacturers still refuse to sell their products to tobacconists, the products of some large manufacturers such as Gaïatrend, Liquideo and D’Lice are starting to appear on the shelves of French tabacs.

    Most brands tend to be discreet about their presence in the tobacconist channel because many people in the vaping community have negative perceptions of tobacconists, as revealed in our consumer survey.

    Despite this, ECigIntelligence believes that taking advantage of the tobacconist channel is a real opportunity for any brand; it is a highly developed and dense network that allows coverage of remote territories and provides access to the smoking population.

    A list of vape distributors active in the tobacco channel is included in our 2019 report, along with analysis of price and form factors, trends and lists of Big Tobacco’s vape products currently sold in France.

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