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Health and science

Do Minnesota’s young people really vape more than others?

23rd November 2014 - News analysis |

Nearly 20% of middle and high school students in Minnesota have tried vaping, a proportion about three times higher than the national average – but the public health researchers who produced the figure have cautioned against assuming that it represents a major problem for the state.

In depth: Canada regulatory and legal analysis, October 2014

4th November 2014 - Country market reports , Market reports |

The multi-layered regulatory framework • Tobacco regulation – the multi-layered model in action • No federal regulation of e-cigarettes • The role of Health Canada • Provincial regulation • Municipal regulation • Trade associations and industry standards • Appendix 1: provincial and territorial tobacco regulation in Canada • Appendix 2: market authorisation in Canada

Good COP, bad COP? WHO FCTC urges ad ban, more research

19th October 2014 - News analysis |

The final recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) on e-cigarettes allow for a wide range of regulatory regimes but single out advertising as a prime candidate for controls, as expected, as well as hinting at the need for public place usage restrictions.

Media release misrepresented researchers’ cancer findings

29th September 2014 - News analysis |

          A science publisher’s own publicity for a research article on e-cigarettes and cancer has been criticised for suggesting conclusions unjustified by the data. For a recent paper in the John Wiley & Sons journal Cancer, entitled “Electronic cigarette use among patients with cancer”, researchers investigated people enrolled in a tobacco treatment programme at a major » Continue Reading.

UK pharma regulator approves cigarette-like vapour device

12th September 2014 - News analysis |

Britain’s medicines regulator has issued a product licence for the nicotine inhaler Voke, which will be sold by British American Tobacco’s subsidiary Nicoventures and looks likely to be the closest pharmaceutically-approved competitor to the e-cigarette.

Updated: the WHO’s influence on global e-cig regulation

11th September 2014 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

What the FCTC is • A global treaty • Broad scope of regulation • The regulatory framework • The FCTC in practice • No enforcement powers • Enforcement by signatories • Self-reporting • Shadow reporting • Influence on European legislation • Promoting tobacco regulation in the developing world • What does the FCTC mean for e-cigarettes • Current status of e-cigs • Political will to regulate • Structural barriers • Non-binding, but influential • Exclusion of e-cig firms • Regulatory options in detail

Drop in smokers seeking help: does it mean more use of e-cigs?

21st August 2014 - News analysis |

Anti-smoking campaigners in the UK believe the use of e-cigarettes as unofficial cessation aids has contributed to a sharp drop in the number of people joining quit-smoking programmes, although nearly all successful participants in those schemes are still relying on pharmacotherapies.

More study needed on complex nicotine-cancer relationship

7th August 2014 - News analysis |

Laypeople reading a new opinion paper in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer may be alarmed, but it is important to note that although nicotine can contribute to cancer, on its own the current evidence does not support a direct, carcinogenic link in “normal use”.