Author: Berta Camps Bisbal

New York State regulatory report

Written by Berta Camps Bisbal || 13th February 2019 || Regulatory reports |

This updated report looks at around 30 new bills to restrict vapour products which have been introduced to the New York State Assembly and Senate since the 2019 legislative session convened on 9th January ...

Q&A on the FDA’s flavour ban announcement

Written by Berta Camps Bisbal || 21st December 2018 || Regulatory reports |

US FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued a statement in November outlining the agency’s new policy to prevent youth accessing flavoured tobacco products – but what did it really mean, and what will it add up to in practice?...

Vaping laws expanded: Germany regulatory report

Written by Berta Camps Bisbal || 30th October 2018 || Regulatory reports |

In our latest look at the regulatory landscape in Germany, we find a bill amending the German Tobacco Products Law is being considered which could prohibit all outdoor advertising, while a bill that would have extended restrictions to...