ECigIntelligence’s Hardware Tracker identifies important market trends

A growth in battery power and tank size among disposables headlines three main trends that have impacted the technical features of vape hardware kits sold by online retailers over the past three years.

Starting from mid-2019, vaping devices across the seven biggest e-cigarette markets have also experienced increased power and decreased coil resistance where nicotine caps were applied, and a tendency to a higher complexity for lower power devices, unique research from ECigIntelligence analysts shows.

The research and data can be found in ECigIntelligence’s newly launched Hardware Tracker. Major trends identified in the tracker include:

  • Battery power and tank size in disposable closed systems have grown significantly in all the markets covered by the tracker, often exceeding those of open systems. The only exception to this tendency is in the UK, where a cap on tank size is applied.
  • In Canada, where a federal nicotine cap was introduced in 2021, battery power increased and coil resistance declined following the enforcement of the new restrictions. This is because lower levels of nicotine require more power and reduced coil resistance.
  • Low-powered vaping devices have become highly customisable, similarly to advanced open-system products, because users of smaller and basic kits are increasingly interested in tailoring their vaping experience.


Monitoring the evolution of vaping devices


These are just some of  the findings on industry trends subscribers can access through ECigIntelligence’s new tracker, which covers the US, the UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy and Canada.

Through the tracker’s dashboard, subscribers can monitor the technical evolution of vaping devices as well as access raw data from each quarter.

Based on ECigIntelligence’s Online Brand Tracker, which monitors pricing as well as other retail information on the top five websites in the same markets, the Hardware Tracker extracts product details which are then refined manually to avoid duplications and irrelevant information.

The multi-brand retail websites the tracker extracts data from are mainly focused on vape products. The websites were selected at the end of 2017 based on their online traffic ranking, and they are periodically revised and sometimes changed if they experience a drop in popularity.

– Tiziana Cauli ECigIntelligence staff

Photo: Ecig Click

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