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Key facts


The EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD): essential facts



News articles


4th July Swedish Match challenges snus ban in court

16th June Full version of Common Entry Gate for product notifications goes online

9th June Austrian online sellers prepare to do battle with government

7th June European parliamentarians call for review of TPD science

20th May French government hammering out final transposition details

20th May EU’s notification gateway is not ready in time for TPD

20th May TPD does a good job on nicotine safety, says European Commission

20th May History lesson: the TPD, Big Pharma, and nicotine strength

20th May Ireland transposes TPD at the last minute

20th May Online sales bans widely ignored across the EU

20th May Almost half of member states are late with TPD transposition

20th May What it means for business: a non-lawyer’s guide to TPD compliance

20th May British e-cig industry reluctantly, resentfully ready for TPD

20th May Only distant cousins: the TPD and the U.S. deeming regulations

20th May Distance sales bans set to transform a €140m online market

11th May UK’s TPD transposition criticised and defended in parliament

4th May European court upholds TPD, dismisses all arguments

2nd May New e-cig design gets round TPD’s tank size limits

26th April Totting up the bill for Britain’s TPD transposition

26th April UK government believes advertising spend will plummet post-TPD

22nd April Final text of UK’s TPD transposition: online sales survive

18th April E-cigarettes become consumer products in Sweden

18th April TPD rules offer two options for refill mechanism design

30th March TPD compliance: ten priorities for e-cigarette companies

30th March It’s not just the TPD: Europe has voluntary standards too

4th March Smaller Mediterranean nations lagging in TPD implementation

4th March EU takes steps toward e-cig tax regime – but nothing is certain

1st March UK firms concerned over lack of advertising guidance

25th March UK vapers urged to vote for EU exit, but critics say it’s pointless

19th February Article 20 of the EU TPD: what e-cig companies must do

2nd February Britain’s TPD opponents told resistance is futile – for now

22nd January Denmark scales down plans for public vaping restrictions

21st January Germany to prohibit menthol, many other e-liquid flavours

10th January Italy’s TPD transposition unlikely to go beyond minimum requirements

8th January UK’s detailed TPD plans suggest light-touch approach

7th January As deadline approaches, most EU states still lack TPD legislation



In-depth country reports


11th May UK regulatory and medical bodies proffer broad views before TPD

10th May UK fragmented on regulation as TPD fast approaches

28th April Slovenia’s tough post-TPD regime: no advertising, no online sales

27th April Austria poised to enter stricter post-TPD regulatory landscape

15th April Belgium: e-cigs become consumer products, but tough rules likely

17th March Denmark: draft TPD law will end licensing requirement

14th February Romania regulatory report: tax regime in place, TPD on the way

9th February Finland regulatory report: pharma regime ending, new rules arriving

5th February Netherlands TPD report

28th January In depth update: e-cigarette regulation in Croatia, 2016

19th January Updated: Germany’s draft TPD plans and beyond

15th January Spanish regulation: TPD looms, regions react



Pan-European regulatory trackers and analyses


13th May EU tracker updates: vital tools for EU and TPD notifications

12th May EU product restrictions: banned ingredients and additives tracker

10th May Updated: TPD regulatory status country-by-country tracker

9th May What the TPD means for non-nicotine e-cig products

6th May TPD: EU health warning packaging requirements explained

5th May Regulatory tracker: current regulation of e-cigs in Europe

10th April Updated regulatory tracker: e-cig advertising and marketing in Europe

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