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Q&A on the FDA’s flavour ban announcement

21st December 2018 - Regulatory reports |

US FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued a statement in November outlining the agency’s new policy to prevent youth accessing flavoured tobacco products – but what did it really mean, and what will it add up to in practice?

As a relatively new market sector, the vaping industry is still developing and attracting new consumers so it’s even more subject to change than more mature industries.

Recently the sector has been shaped by the negative press generated by the EVALI outbreaks in the US, which resulted in flavour bans and regulatory restrictions in various US states. The impacts of this health scare have rippled out beyond the US and been felt in key e-cigarette markets all over the world.

Despite these challenges, there still remains a hardcore of e-cigarette consumers and it’s inevitable that more consumers will move away from smoking to join them in future. What hardware and flavours will they be buying in future? And what restrictions will industry face? We’ll keep you informed.