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Japan market fragmented with sales concentrated online

15th June 2017 - Country market reports , Market reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 About Japan3 Market size4 Vaper population5 Tobacco market6 Distribution channels7 Top online retailers8 Form factors9 Top brands10 E-liquids11 Pricing12 Heat-not-burn market13 Associations         Executive summary   Electronic cigarettes have started to gain popularity after a sharp increase in tobacco taxes. The market of reduced-risk products in Japan seems to be dominated by heated tobacco » Continue Reading.

Belgium: online sales ban benefits French firms

11th April 2017 - Country market reports , Market reports |

In our latest report on Belgium, we find that the market is only growing slowly due to online restrictions following the implementation of the TPD. Online sales are banned, meaning sites can only offer in-store collection, and having to print packaging in three languages has proved a barrier to some manufacturers. Meanwhile, French companies – the source of much of the e-liquid – have a strong presence in the south of the country.

U.S. manufacturers look toward pods to close market gap

28th March 2017 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

Pods are a new hardware category which aim to fill the gap in the U.S. market between the traditional products on offer. In this March 2017 report, we see that the key concept is to close the gap between easy-to-use products and high-performance ones. Pod hardware manufacturers are now collaborating with well-known e-liquid manufacturers, with benefits for both sides.