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Deeming regulations: no more store-branded e-liquids?

6th May 2016 - News analysis |

The era of vape stores producing their own e-liquids is likely to come to an end after the introduction of the deeming regulations in the U.S., the agency responsible for them predicts. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it “expects that most vape shops will stop mixing e-liquids“ because if they continue to do so they will fall under » Continue Reading.

E-cig advertising in the United States: defining the boundaries

16th March 2016 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

Contents1 Executive Summary2 Introduction3 Vapour marketing & advertising concerns4 Cigarette & tobacco advertising restrictions5 Pre-emption6 Commercial speech7 Potential restrictions on e-cig marketing and advertising8 Other potential restrictions on e-cig marketing and advertising   There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United States or the advanced search page.         Executive Summary » Continue Reading.

Online sales: traffic and engagement for top U.S. sites

26th February 2016 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

Data for the online e-cig sector in the United States suggests a robust industry, and contrasts strongly with dwindling growth reported in traditional retail channels. Our in-depth report identifies the top vendors and analyses changes in leadership over time; looks at levels and drivers of traffic; and assesses key metrics for consumer engagement with online sellers of e-cigarettes and vapour products.

The e-liquid top tier: profiles and analysis of leading U.S. brands

15th February 2016 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

ECigIntelligence’s evaluation of the interconnected value chains in the U.S. e-cigarette and vapour markets begins with the overly saturated, intensely competitive, and highly lucrative e-liquid segment. This report takes an overview of 2015 Vape Shop Index findings on the top revenue-generating e-liquid brands sold through bricks-and-mortar retail locations across the U.S.

Romania regulatory report: tax regime in place, TPD on the way

14th February 2016 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 Regulatory landscape3 Regulatory framework4 Age restrictions5 Product restrictions6 Labelling and packaging: near future7 Obligation to notify8 Retail channels restriction (including cross-border and distance sales)9 Public usage10 Advertising and marketing11 Taxation  12 Enforcement13 Case law14 The missing pieces of the TPD15 Graphic: how Romanian e-cigarette regulation will change   There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this » Continue Reading.

U.S. state and federal regulation: what to expect in 2016

10th February 2016 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

More vapour-related bills were introduced during the 2015 state legislative sessions than ever before, and ECigIntelligence expects even more vapour regulation to be proposed during the 2016 regular session. This report looks at the current regulatory situation across the U.S. in key areas such as manufacturing, labelling, advertising and marketing, public place usage, youth access and taxation, and forecasts the regulatory trends for 2016.

U.S. manufacturing standards: increasing costs and confidence?

9th February 2016 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 Introduction3 Current good manufacturing practices4 Adulteration and misbranding5 Quality control at state level6 The bottom line7 Appendix I: examples of cGMP for vapour companies8 Appendix II: FD&C Act chapter IX: tobacco products   There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United States or the advanced search page.       Executive » Continue Reading.

Finland regulatory report: pharma regime ending, new rules arriving

9th February 2016 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Contents1 Introduction2 Regulatory landscape3 Current national regulatory framework4 Upcoming regulatory changes5 Age restrictions6 Product restrictions7 Labelling and packaging: current8 Labelling and packaging: near future9 Sale restrictions10 Retail licensing11 Public usage12 Exceptions to the public vaping ban13 14 Advertising and marketing15 Notification and surveillance obligations16 17 Taxation18 Enforcement19 Next steps   There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. » Continue Reading.

E-cigarette regulation in Japan: the future is still pharma

26th January 2016 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

E-cigarette products containing nicotine cannot be sold in Japan without a pharmaceutical licence, and there appears to be little immediate likelihood of that changing. However, imports are tolerated and nicotine-free products can be sold. Our in-depth report on Japanese regulation examines the legal framework and specific legislation that constrains the e-cig market there.

Denmark scales down plans for public vaping restrictions

22nd January 2016 - News analysis |

Denmark’s government has had second thoughts about imposing a strict, tobacco-style regime on vaping in public places. A new draft of wide-ranging legislation which will make e-cigarettes available as consumer products, transpose the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and set a minimum purchase age of 18 as well as regulating public usage of e-cigs was put before the Danish » Continue Reading.

Updated: Germany’s draft TPD plans and beyond

19th January 2016 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Introduction • Regulatory landscape • Current national regulatory framework • National regulatory framework post-TPD • Age restrictions • Product restrictions • Ingredients • Labelling and packaging • Product notification • Annual reporting • Vigilance • Retailing • Public usage • North Rhine-Westphalia • Bavaria • Baden-Württemberg • Lower Saxony • Hesse • Public usage: an inconsistent future? • Advertising and marketing • Taxation • Enforcement • Case law: e-cigarettes as medical products • Case law: e-cigarettes as tobacco products • Case law: tobacco advertising restrictions • The missing pieces from the TPD jigsaw • Graphic: how German e-cigarette regulation will change

CDC report on kids and e-cig advertising may be flawed

12th January 2016 - Marketing & retailing , News analysis |

As the advertising spend of U.S. e-cigarette suppliers escalates, they are continuing to use themes such as independence, rebellion and sex to sell their products – and their advertisements are prompting interest among the many young people who see them, according to a critical report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Yet some of the data relied upon by the CDC appears to raise questions of accuracy and relevance.

Implementing the TPD: how far to the finish line?

31st December 2015 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

As we move into 2016, nearly half of the 28 member states of the European Union (EU) have made little apparent progress in transposing its Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) into their national law – despite the May 2016 deadline. Who has achieved the most, who is lagging behind, what remains to be done, and how do the regulatory approaches of the member states differ?