Author: Freddie Dawson
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Indiana legislators vow to change e-liquid security requirements

Written by Freddie Dawson || 1st December 2016 || News analysis |

Indiana law-makers have promised to replace the state’s controversial e-liquid manufacturing law during the next legislative session. The law specifies security requirements for e-liquid makers which most have not been able to achieve. The Republican party, which holds the majority in...
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Pax Labs appoints Deezer executive as CEO

Written by Freddie Dawson || 1st September 2016 || News analysis |

Pax Labs has appointed a new chief executive officer (CEO) imported from the online music sector and is considering further international expansion as a way to maintain its ability to innovate in the e-cig sector. Tyler Goldman will...
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The EU’s TPD: latest news, reports and trackers

Written by Freddie Dawson || 31st August 2016 || News analysis |

This page provides an updated repository for all major ECigIntelligence articles, reports and database trackers concerning the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) going back to 4th July 2016. Older articles dating to the start of the year can be...

Some are sanguine, but PMTA fine print causes concern

Written by Freddie Dawson || 12th May 2016 || News analysis |

Some larger independent e-cigarette companies support the new rules from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), despite the debate over them being widely portrayed as an argument between Big Tobacco and health organisations on one side versus...
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