Regulatory reports

Our regulatory reports provide legal and regulatory in-depth analysis of the vaping industry. Many reports focus on specific countries, providing a detailed overview of the regulatory landscape within the country. They also cover all current and possible future restrictions as well as the relevant laws and governing bodies. In addition, we have a number of other reports that analyse controversial and obscure areas, along with our expert interpretations of the relevant laws.

Shake and vape and the law in the EU

Written by Elba Manzanilla Zapata || 16th March 2018 || Regulatory reports |

As shake and vape products increase in popularity in Europe in response to the restrictions imposed by the EU’s TPD, we take a close look at country-by-country regulation ...

Ukraine regulatory report: TPD beyond the EU?

Written by Marija Obradovic || 12th March 2018 || Regulatory reports |

Ukraine's current regulatory setup is lenient on e-cigs but with politicians keen to foster stronger links with the EU, and with acts now in force to strengthen existing relations, it's only a matter of time before the European...

Online sales now banned: Italy regulatory report

Written by Elba Manzanilla Zapata || 25th January 2018 || Regulatory reports |

In our latest look at the Italian market, we see that distance sales, including domestic and cross-border, are now banned under the latest amendment (known as the “Vicari amendment”) approved in the Italian parliament ...

Hardware waste management in the EU

Written by Marija Obradovic || 8th January 2018 || Regulatory reports |

The hardware and batteries used in e-cigarette products must be disposed of in line with EU legislation. Packaging should display the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol, which indicates that hardware should be disposed of separately from normal household...

Mexico: a new bid to legalise e-cigs

Written by Pablo Cano Trilla || 5th January 2018 || Regulatory reports |

The PRI party’s Senator Marcela Guerra Castillo has presented a new bill to legalise e-cigarettes in Mexico, in response to their continuing popularity. It is a bid to control the quality of products on the market. The bill legalises...

Could the TPD allow for reduced-risk claims?

Written by Elba Manzanilla Zapata || 6th December 2017 || Regulatory reports |

Nearly all EU member states have interpreted article 13 of the European TPD to ban all claims related to health in the absence of a medical certificate. However, there may be a pathway to a reduced-risk...